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The African Spurred Tortoise is a Non Aggressive and Easy To Care For herbivore that does well in Full Sun and is drought tolerant. Typically the young South African Homopus femoralis (Padloper) are kept in terrarium habitats indoors and require high quality and appropriate lighting to meet a number of different metabolic needs. Also known as a Sulcata Desert Tortoise they synthesize their own vitamin D3 from the UV component of sunlight. Vitamin D3 is essential for the effective metabolism of dietary calcium. With regular watering and proper feeding these baby tortoises will double in size every year and can live over 100 years. After 4 or 5 years they can be kept outdoors in a desert landscaped enclosure with native plants and grasses. Its habitat is native to Africa but grows extremely well in the dry hot regions of North America. Whether you call it an African Desert Tortoise or a Sulcata, these family friendly pets will follow you around the yard after you gain their trust.

Captive Bred Baby Tortoise Hatchlings For Sale!

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